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Ensuring That Patients Have Access to the Care They Need

HeartFlow Access Program

The HeartFlow Analysis is an advanced technology and may not be covered by all insurance plans. Depending on your insurance company and specific plan benefits, you may be responsible for paying for a portion of the test’s cost.

We are committed to ensuring that the HeartFlow Analysis is affordable to everyone who needs the test.

The comprehensive HeartFlow Access Program offers payment options as well as support throughout the billing process. Program offerings include cash-pay options, payment plans and low-cost options for those who qualify.

Please contact our Patient Support Advisors to learn more about the HeartFlow Access Program and find out which offerings are available to you.

Commonly Asked Questions

How much will the HeartFlow Analysis cost me?
You may or may not be responsible for costs related to the HeartFlow Analysis depending on your insurance plan. HeartFlow’s Patient Support Advisors can help you find out if your health insurance plan covers the test and how much your out-of-pocket cost may be.

How do I qualify for the HeartFlow Access Program?
Some HeartFlow Access Program offerings are based on your insurance plan and income level. Other payment options are available to all patients. Please contact HeartFlow’s Patient Support Advisors to find out which offerings are available to you.

What is the billing process?
After the HeartFlow Analysis is completed, HeartFlow will send the claim to your insurance company and notify you that the claim was submitted.

Your insurance company will review the claim and send an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to you. Please note that the EOB is not a bill. It is an informational summary of the claim.

Your insurance company will determine how much of the claim it will pay and how much you owe. HeartFlow will then send a bill to you for any remaining portion you may owe. Please note that the amount you owe is determined by your insurance company, not by HeartFlow.

The billing process takes time. You may not receive an EOB or a bill until several weeks or months after the HeartFlow Analysis is completed.


Our Patient Support Advisors are ready to help you from 9am – 7pm EST.

1.844.4 HF TEST (1.844.443.8378)
[email protected]