HeartFlow FFRCT Analysis Webinars

Chevron Right icon Building a Sustainable CT Imaging Program: Lessons from the Norton Healthcare System

The updated ACC/AHA guidelines reflect the growing support for a CT + FFRCT pathway suggesting a revolutionary shift in the diagnosis and management of coronary artery disease is underway. Recognizing the value of coupling CT with the HeartFlow Analysis, Norton Healthcare was an early adopter of a CT-first pathway. In this webinar recording, learn how and why they enacted and implemented this strategy, including lessons learned, current state and benefits, how they leverage different imaging modalities, and what the future holds.

Panelists:Joseph Lash, MD, Steven Raible, MD, and Ann Marie Holas-Dryps, MBA, CRA

Chevron Right icon SCCT Hosted Webinars Discussing the Updated ACC/AHA Chest Pain Guidelines and Impact to Clinical Practice

The Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT) hosted a series of webinars last year reviewing and highlighting the impact of the updated 2021 ACC/AHA Chest Pain Guidelines on clinical practice. Learn about the unique and growing role of the CCTA and FFRCT pathway as the panelists discuss their adoption and program growth strategies and how we can meet today’s clinical challenges with precision technology solutions.

Delivering Precision Patient Care with HeartFlow FFRCT
Panelists:Maros Ferencik, MD, PhD, Geoffrey Rose, MD, and Charley Taylor, PhD
Update on Management of Acute Chest Pain
Moderated by:Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT & Koon Nieman, MD, PhD, MSCCT
Speakers: David Morrow, MD, MPH, Maros Ferencik, MD, PhD, MCR, FSCCT, Andrew Choi, MD, FSCCT, Leslee Shaw, PhD, MSCCT, Renee Bullock-Palmer, MD, FSCCT
Update on Management of Stable Chest Pain
Moderated by:Eric Williamson, MD, MSCCT & Leslee Shaw, PhD, MSCCT
Speakers: Martha Gulati, MD, MS, Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT, Leslee Shaw, PhD, MSCCT, Ajay Kirtane, MD

Chevron Right icon Advancing Interventional Cardiology with Coronary CTA + HeartFlow

This TCT symposium demonstrates the positive impact of a CTA + FFRCT pathway, providing practical tips for optimizing use of the HeartFlow Analysis in pre-procedural planning and in the cath lab. You will learn about updates to the new ACC/AHA Chest Pain Guidelines and impact to interventional cardiologists, as well as the value of the CCTA + HeartFlow pathway and how the HeartFlow Analysis can be used in the cath lab. The panelists also review clinical application highlighted with three patient case examples.

Chair:Campbell Rogers, MD
Faculty: Leslee J. Shaw, PhD, Jaime Gomez, MD, Umar Rashid, MD, Carlos Collet, MD, PhD

Chevron Right icon AI Powered CT Based Non Invasive CAD Testing: The Future Is Now

This series of videos features case review-based discussions with some of the world's leading cardiologists. During this series, learn how leading centers are using FFRCT to help evaluate the impact a blockage may be having on blood flow and determine the optimal course of treatment for each patient. Get insights from high volume centers in implementing a CT + FFRCT pathway, as well as review clinical evidence, supporting clinical utility health economics and safety of the HeartFlow Analysis.

Panelists:Dr. Jonathon Leipsic, MD, FRCPC, MSCCT, and Dr. Carlos Collet, MD

Chevron Right icon Anatomy and Physiology Are Not the Same: Lessons from the Invasive and Non-Invasive World

A discussion on the importance of coronary physiology and the disconnect between anatomy and physiology.

Presenter:Nick Curzen,
BM (Hons), PhD, FRCP
Presenter:Jonathon Leipsic,

Chevron Right icon The Changing Paradigm of Cardiac Care in the COVID-19 Era

In the middle of a global crisis, leading US physicians discussed the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic at their hospitals, in their departments and on the care they are providing to their cardiac patients.

Part I: The Effects in the Epicenter of the Pandemic
Part II: Optimizing Cath Lab Efficiency
Part III: The Effects on Healthcare Systems
Moderator:Dr. Jonathon Leipsic, MD, FRCPC, MSCCT, Providence Health Care
Panelists: Part I: Drs. Michael Kim and Michael Poon, Northwell Health
Part II: Dr. Frederick Welt, University of Utah School of Medicine
Part III: Dr. Geoffrey Rose, Sanger Heart and Vascular Institute

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