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HeartFlow Planner is the only interactive tool that lets you model multiple treatment strategies in real time before you ever enter the cath lab.

Modeled scenario

Plan your intervention

Now you can explore multiple clinical scenarios vessel-by-vessel using virtual modeling. Review and modify treatment plans with colleagues pre-procedurally and visualize your treatment path at any time, from anywhere.

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Stenosis marker

The modeled stenosis marker, indicated by a white ring, identifies an area of >30% narrowing in the anatomic model. FFRCT pins provide specific values and can be viewed at any point along the vessel.

Range tool

When selected, a stenosis marker will show a dotted line that indicates the area of the model affected by the narrowing. The range tool’s end dots can be used to adjust the desired length of the region to modify.

Modified vessel

Once the range tool is adjusted, you can open the lumen to display the impact of your selected strategy on the modeled vessel. Then revert the changes to explore other scenarios.

See how you can explore different treatment scenarios when and where it’s convenient for you.

Using HeartFlow Planner for different cases

Borderline stenosis

In a case where a modeled stenosis is indicated, but the benefits of an invasive treatment are in question, you can use HeartFlow Planner to see if modifying the lumen will have any impact on the modeled FFRCT values.

Focal stenosis

For a case you’ve determined would benefit from an invasive procedure, explore unlimited treatment scenarios with HeartFlow Planner to help inform your treatment strategy.

Multiple stenoses

In cases where multiple lesions are indicated, HeartFlow Planner allows you to open one or more modeled stenoses simultaneously to explore many different treatment strategies.

“The best tool I’ve seen for planning PCI before invasive angiography.”

— Dr. Robert Safian
Interventional Cardiologist

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