Transforming Coronary Artery Disease Detection

At the intersection of health and technology, HeartFlow leverages advanced technology and applies it to healthcare. With the HeartFlow FFRCT Analysis, HeartFlow is driving towards a new standard of care for the diagnosis and management of coronary artery disease – the number one killer worldwide.

See how our technology works in our short video or download our mobile app to interact with a sample 3D model (available on iOS in North America and the UK only).

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Applying advanced technologies

Read a perspective from Dr. Robert Safian, Interventional Cardiologist, Beaumont Health, Heart & Vascular, on how faster turnaround times have allowed the Beaumont team to bring HeartFlow to the Emergency Department – deep learning algorithms are helping.

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Driving value-based healthcare models

In this article, learn how physicians like Dr. Thomas Phiambolis, Director of Cardiac CT Angiography at Lankenau Heart Institute, are transforming cardiovascular care while also reducing costs and improving the patient experience.

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Pioneering new pathways

Coronary CTs are nothing new, but read on to learn why Dr. Jonathon Leipsic, FRCPC FSCCT, Past President of SCCT, thinks pairing CT with FFR CT is the missing link to helping detect coronary artery disease.

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20,000 Patients Around the World

To date, 20,000 patients worldwide have received a HeartFlow Analysis. The momentum is growing with partners in major healthcare systems and local communities bringing HeartFlow to their patients.

Why HeartFlow Matters

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Built on 200+ peer-reviewed articles; 200+ patents and decades of R&D and clinical research

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Improving outcomes, lowering costs, and supporting a better patient experience1

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Leveraging advanced technology including artificial intelligence, deep learning, and cloud computing

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Cleared for use in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan


  1. Douglas et al. PLATFORM Trial. Eur Heart J. 2015;36(47):3359-67.