Management Team

John Farquhar

President, Chief Executive Officer, and Member of the Board of Directors

Charles A. Taylor, Ph.D.

Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, and Member of the Board of Directors

Noemi C. (”Nicky”) Espinosa, J.D.

General Counsel, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

Monica Tellado

Chief Financial Officer

Campbell Rogers, M.D., F.A.C.C.

Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Christopher K. Zarins, M.D.

Founder, Senior Advisor on Clinical Science

Stephen Kam, M.D.

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Customer Success and International Sales

Christophe Lecas

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Joe Riley

Senior Vice President, Sales

Vikram Verghese

SVP, Strategy, Business Development and Upstream Marketing

Kathleen Carey

VP, Operations