Coronary CTA & HeartFlow FFRCT Webcasts

Panel Discussion from EuroPCR 2018
Using Coronary CTA and HeartFlow FFRCT to Guide Treatment Decision Making: Findings from PACIFIC and SYNTAX III

May 2018

At EuroPCR 2018, two new studies involving the HeartFlow FFRCT Analysis were presented: PACIFIC Sub-Study and SYNTAX III Revolution. The studies reinforce the value of the HeartFlow Analysis in providing functional evaluation of coronary blockages and enabling clinicians to make treatment decisions. Hear from Gregg Stone, MD, Campbell Rogers, MD, Paul Knaapen, MD, PhD, and Patrick Serruys, MD, PhD as they discuss results from the trials and explore what these findings mean for the non-invasive cardiology field.

Moderator:Gregg W. Stone, MD, Columbia University Medical Center
Panelists: Campbell Rogers, MD, HeartFlow
Paul Knaapen, MD, PhD, VU University Medical Center
Patrick Serruys, MD, PhD, Imperial College London