The Evidence

Results from studies evaluating more than 6,000 patients demonstrate the impact of the HeartFlow Analysis. The NXT study, which was the basis of our FDA clearance, showed an accuracy of 86% compared to the gold standard of invasive FFR, with high sensitivity and specificity1. The PLATFORM study demonstrated an improved patient experience and reduction of costs, without compromising on clinical outcomes2. PLATFORM results show that, compared to usual care, a pathway of coronary CT and the HeartFlow Analysis resulted in2:

A table showing hearflow analysis results

Recognition and Reimbursement

The healthcare community recognizes the potential of the HeartFlow Analysis and the strength of our clinical data. While transitioning to new technologies is never easy, the barriers to adopting HeartFlow are falling. Now, millions of patients will have access to the technology. Here are some of the recent changes:

A blue dollar sign
$1,450.50 reimbursement for Medicare patients
due to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) creating a New Technology Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) for the HeartFlow Analysis

185 million people in the US
now have access to the HeartFlow Analysis through private commercial payers and Medicare

A blue pound sign
UK reimbursement from the National Health Service (NHS)
as part of their Innovation and Technology Payment program, following a medical technology guidance issued by NICE recommending the HeartFlow Analysis as the most cost-effective option following a coronary CT